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Medical Cost Sharing.

Take a look at Medical Cost Sharing.  This model has been around for over 2,000 years and the companies listed have made this concept very user friendly.  Marry this concept up with our Direct Care model and it will give most families the complete package.  Say goodbye to traditional insurance and take back your health.   Enrollment - About us

By | June 13th, 2017|Health|

Medical Tourism in Costa Rica – My last day

After paying $355 for my colonoscopy and then an additional $84 for my very thorough and informative one hour dermatology appointment, I left to see a microbiologist who examined my very ugly toenails. I paid him $17 for his service and microscopic analysis of my nails. 24 hours later I had the report in hand and now know specifically what is required to treat my nails.

In summary, I absolutely loved Dr Soto, the dermatologist at Clinica Unibe and would happily refer our Direct Care members to her. Personally I love Costa Rica. For me, I am returning to a place where […]

By | May 15th, 2017|Medical Tourism in Costa Rica|

Medical Tourism in Costa Rica – Part 3 Procedure Day

Procedure day:  I took an Uber bright and early from our Out of Bounds bed and breakfast, a simple and clean place but I would advise my patients to follow Kathryn Jordan of NC Medical’s itinerary. The Uber cost $6 which was nothing considering the distance we drove. Arrived to Clinica Unibe to a kind receptionist although she spoke no English.

Clinica Unibe was also clean and simple. Nothing exotic. I was met by the hospital administrator and then brought back for the procedure.  Except for the painful IV insertion and putting on a gown that revealed my more inferior smile, I do not recall much […]

By | May 13th, 2017|Medical Tourism in Costa Rica|



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